mini vca+


*Version 1.1 - Now with FAST release!*

MiniVCA+ is peak based VCA style compressor, featuring 3 feed-forward VCA action modes to enhance your audio. A robust harmonics section that goes from subtle to extreme! 3 Harmonics modes, 2 switchable output transformer simulations, auto-release adapted for each action mode, soft knee option, external sidechain and high-pass filter, it has you covered. Newly redesigned oversampling system offering up to x16 rate, and a new channel mode setting to force mono operation or go into dual mono operation.

Supports Windows 10/11(x64) & MacOS BigSur+*



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mini vca


*Version 1.1 - Now with FAST release!*

MiniVCA is the little brother to the + version. But it still has plenty to offer: The same 3 action modes, the new harmonics multipliers and saturation system, oversampling, a newly designed switchable transformer output stage. But it only has 1 harmonics mode (natural) and 1 transformer type (modern). It also does not include: external sidechain, variable sidechain filter, auto-release, dual mono channel mode. But it's the same easy and adaptable VCA compressor in every other way!

Supports Windows 10/11(x64) & MacOS BigSur+*


*Psycho Circuitry is still in the process of obtaining an Apple Developer ID. Instructions are provided in the README for how to run the software on macOS.

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